🌷 You can buy yourself flowers 🌷


Love is in the air… And here we are, once again, in the month of Love! 

Have you ever dedicated a love song? Or listened to a romantic song over and over again and it’s hidden somewhere in one of your playlists or favourites? Probably yes. 

Either you are in love, looking for someone special or couldn’t care less about Valentine’s day, at Deezer we got you covered with our curated playlists, podcasts, dedicated quizzes and our revamped “Love Channel”, to celebrate (or not) love in all its forms.

Don’t wait until February 14th and celebrate love, starting today, with Deezer playlists and exclusive content specially chosen by our editors, full of music to get in the mood for a sexy night. 


Dedicated Music Quizzes

Quit playing with your ex’s heart and play Music Quiz instead. 

This year we decided to make Valentine’s Day more fun. With our love-related music quizzes you can do something different with a game where you can remember nice love songs and challenge your friends or family to see who’s the romantic of the group
Are you ready for it? Click here and start playing (available from the 10th-15th February)

Feeling frisky and adventurous?
Valentine’s Day can be the most romantic day of the year, but those in the mood for something adventurous can venture into our erotic collection. Our “Between the sheets” channel offers interested users a private space to explore and listen to whatever their hearts desire. The sexy NSFW channel is specially curated for adult users wanting an X-rated audio thrill. It includes a variety of erotic music and podcasts

Your love deserves to be expressed… however you feel it

Valentine’s day is a time to be grateful for the people you love or like.. So it’s your turn now! Tag someone on the community you want to show appreciation for, and they will receive our Appreciation Badge (you can also tag yourself for some self-love)