International Women’s Month on Deezer – a celebration of the music makers & groundbreakers

Women’s impact in focus as Deezer celebrates International Women’s Month with a dedicated channel, a 100% Women’s version of Flow and new music quizzes.

Paris, 08.03.2023: This International Women’s Month, Deezer is celebrating the impact of women, putting the spotlight on those who inspire and pave the way for others, the music makers and groundbreakers. 

There is an abundance of women artists who become role models for girls (and boys) of all ages, but what is the current state of gender equality in music? Recent data reveals that only 23% of the artists in Deezer’s Top 100 Charts are women, underlining that we still aren’t fully there when it comes to equal representation. There’s even a decrease of 1% compared to 2020. 

The genre with the most women in its Top 100 Charts is Pop, with a share of 40%, closely followed by R&B (37%) and Soul (29%). Metal keeps being dominated by men, with only 1% of the Deezer Top 100 artists being women. 

To celebrate, support and inspire women, Deezer is launching a “Women’s Impact” channel on March 8th, which will have a permanent spot in the Deezer app throughout the year.  In the new channel fans will discover playlists like Wonder Women, Women of Pop and Women of Alternative that celebrate women who empower others. 

Deezer’s unique Flow feature, the personalized mix that never ends, will permanently include the “100% Women” mood option. Finally, there will be women-themed music quizzes like women’s 2000 or 100% Dua Lipa available, a special edition of Deezer’s latest in-app game feature.

For those who are still looking for inspiration and would like to add the most streamed women to their playlists, Deezer has compiled the top 10 from 2022:

Global Top 10 Women (2022)                     

  1. Billie Eilish
  2. Adele 
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. Rihanna
  5. Sia
  6. Taylor Swift
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Dua Lipa
  9. Céline Dion
  10. Doja Cat

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