Deezer brings the music as Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks launch Gentle Mates esports team

Top French influencers Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga partner with Deezer to elevate esports experience with music

Paris, 14.04.2023 – Deezer, the global music streaming platform, takes centre stage as the official and exclusive music sponsor of the Gentle Mates team, a new esports initiative led by three of the biggest influencers in French gaming and esports – Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga.

Music plays a crucial role in esports, from helping players stay focused to creating an immersive atmosphere during and between games. The partnership will see innovative activations featuring Music Quiz, Flow and many more throughout the coming year. 

“Both music and esports are rooted in culture. We’re excited about being the official music partner of the Gentle Mates team, an exciting project in a rapidly growing industry with a huge global audience”, said Maria Garrido, Chief Marketing Officer, Deezer.

The Gentle Mates team is a new esport team that competes at a global level in games like Valorant. The team was founded by some of the most famous French gaming and mainstream creators Squeezie, Brawks and Gotaga who have been captivating gaming audiences for years. Squeezie is a French YouTuber, gamer and Twitch streamer with a total reach of 44 million on his Social platforms. Together with ex pro-gamer, influencer, model and rapper Brawks and Top Twitch streamer and ex pro-gamer Gotaga they have an incredible combined reach of over 60 million.

Esports, the fast-paced and competitive form of video gaming, has gained an enormous following and has become one of the most anticipated forms of entertainment for millions of fans worldwide. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual viewer, esports offers an unmatched level of excitement that has captivated audiences everywhere. The partnership of Deezer with the Gentle Mates team will make it even more exciting.

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