The Deezer catalog: over 120 million tracks to listen to

With new releases, discoveries and original content, the Deezer library is more than a catalog… It is a multi-volume encyclopedia. It would even seem, according to rumor, that only the most courageous subscribers have managed to journey through the entire catalog. Are you able to listen to everything?

Since it first went online, our streaming platform has only grown its music catalog. We always seem to want more… It never ends. In fact, it might be becoming a problem. 120 million tracks is quite a number! This makes the Deezer library one of the biggest music catalogs in the world in the music streaming sector. But is it quantity over quality?

Discovering artists

At Deezer, our goal is to enable users to find all the music they want and need and to discover new artists. To do that, we need a rich catalog, right? Indeed, with a catalog that amasses over 120 million tracks (including thousands from emerging artists), we are in the business of differentiating ourselves at the same time pleasing subscribers that are hungry for adventure and discovery. 

Our rich catalog has exploded over time and through constant innovation, thanks to our presence in France, as well as in other countries such as Brazil and Germany. Users in all countries now have access to content created by both local and global artists. The project represents a whole new eco-system that brings music across borders to all our subscribers. 

90 millions tracks on Deezer
Discover our 120 million-tracks catalog on Deezer

It is also about servicing those who don’t want to spend hours looking for music. The Flow tool was a multi-team effort that allows our users to find and discover the music they like  based on their current mood and taste, without getting lost in the application. It also allows them to listen to new music and for emerging artists to get seen in our catalog.

So, Deezer is not just a music catalog, it’s also a tool that allows us to promote artists and help them to make names for themselves. Our app allows you to discover music via artists from all over the world. Deezer is more than just a music streaming platform: we want to offer a total experience.  

The Deezer experience: playlists, Sessions, InVersions

With playlists created by our editorial teams, our users are able to embark on the Deezer journey without fear. They can listen to playlists anywhere, anytime, ones categorized by genre and mood. This helps them to keep up with the latest music releases

We also offer original content. Since the arrival of Deezer Sessions, subscribers can enjoy unique and immersive experiences on YouTube. World-renowned artists perform with the videos recorded from the Deezer studio in the HQ in Paris. Deezer Sessions are an opportunity for users to immerse themselves in the soundscapes of their favorite artists through one-off recordings as well as discover their future favorites.

We also offer a new way to explore music. With the Deezer InVersions content stream, Deezer offers a selection of remixes of well-known music, created by artists specializing in electronic, rap, hip-hop, rock, pop and many other genres. 

Discover our 90 million-tracks catalog on Deezer
Discover our 120 million-tracks catalog on Deezer

These remixes bring a new dimension to the original works and allow the artists to express themselves through new interpretations. Fans are invited to discover original and creative remixes that offer a new way to explore famous songs.

With our user interface, tools, features and content streams, users can find their favorite music and explore new genres and artists with ease. From rock to rap and from hip-hop to classical, this is more than just music, it is a full experience for all our subscribers.