Deezer takes Flow to the next level and makes it the perfect musical companion for every occasion

The AI-powered music discovery feature now includes both moods and genres, as well as the ability to set a perfect balance between listening to your favorites and discovering new tracks to fall in love with

Paris, July 13th, 2023 – Deezer, the global music streaming service, today launched the next generation of its signature music discovery feature, Flow. 

Music fans can now not only get recommendations that match their current mood, but also choose a genre they want to explore. The in-app genre Flow wheel will display 6 genres (out 32 currently available) based on what you have listened to recently.  Another addition to the next generation Flow is the ability to choose how your endless mix is composed, be it with a majority of  favorites or new discoveries. 

The new Flow allows you to make even more out of your personalized music experience on Deezer, no matter what mood you’re in, genre you’re into at the moment, or if you’re in a pure discovery mood. Just make a few simple choices, press play and let Flow deliver an endless mix of music for you to enjoy. 

“Flow is one of Deezer’s most unique and appreciated features, and I’m very happy that we can present this evolution to our users today,” said Alexandra Leloup, VP Core Product, Deezer “With over 120 million tracks on Deezer, we know it can be a challenge to choose what to listen to and find new favorites. Flow is the simplest solution and with a single click you’re taken on a personalized musical journey either based on your state of mind, or the genre you’re into at the moment.”

Flow combines the best of human curation and machine learning, by analyzing your listening history, what you like and what you don’t, to generate an infinite mix suited to your tastes. This makes the feature a perfect musical companion, taking over all the hard work of finding new music to love, based on the mood you’re in or genres you like.  

The introduction of moods for Flow in 2021 was a huge success and it quickly became clear that there were differences in the favorite musical moods in Deezer’s biggest markets. In 2022 (and so far in 2023), German and French people’s favorite mood in Flow was Motivation, while Brazilians loved the Party mood the most.* With the addition of genres and the ability to adapt the discovery experience in 2023, Flow can now deliver the perfect musical mix for every occasion and help anyone keep their playlists fresh with new discoveries.

* Data Insights from 2022

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