Go Beyond Streaming with CONCERTS!





Go Beyond Streaming with our Concerts feature!



Music has the power to connect and move us in unique ways.

There isn’t a more exhilarating experience than watching a live show, feeling the energy of the artist on stage and sharing that experience with other fans💖


But sometimes keeping up with the concerts happening nearby can be time consuming and complicated 😌 and there is nothing worst than the FOMO of a concert you missed! 


Now, Deezer has made that experience easier and more accessible with its new feature: CONCERTS

Imagine receiving a notification on your mobile app saying that your favorite singer or band will be performing in your city!?!?! 😱

That’s exactly what our new Concerts feature does! 


The Deezer app will now, on the homepage, feature a dedicated Go Beyond Streaming section where you will find: Concerts, Music Quizzes, Podcasts, Radio and Deezer Original content.

The Concerts feature allows you to scroll through live events from your favorite artists, determined by those you listen to most and offer you suggestions based either on your current location, or a location you manually select.

Select an event and you will be transferred to a third party ticket vendor, where you can purchase tickets!


How to use Concerts: 


➡️ Open the GO BEYOND STREAMING section on the homepage 

➡️ The page will suggest concerts based on your listening history under the header Around You.

➡️ Select a concert to see info like: event time, artist line up…

➡️ Want to go? Click on Get Tickets and you will be directed to a third party vendor!

you can also… 


🔄📍 CHANGE LOCATION enter a location manually to see what concerts are happening around the world! 

🧐👀 FOLLOW THE ARTIST you can see upcoming events from an artist’s individual page by scrolling down past their discography and selecting “Artist Name” on Tour

This feature is an opportunity to connect with other fans and create shared memories, find people with similar musical interests and enjoy a community atmosphere during the event!


Community, share your memories and wishes with us… 

Which was the most memorable concert you have been to? 

Share a picture of it on the comment section! 


What concert can’t you wait to attend in the future? 

Share a picture of the artist page from the Deezer app!