Home & Explore Tab


Something new and exciting is happening on the Deezer homepage, a special addition that helps organise it even better : The Explore tab.


What will it look like?

The ‘Music’ tab will become the ‘Home’ tab and the ‘Podcasts” tab will be changed to ‘Explore’



A fully personalised tab gathering flow and recommended content

  • The home’ tab will be a safe place where the user can listen and discover tracks based on what their taste
  • It is a place where the user can find music to express themselves
  • As Deezer, we are offering our users the best personal recommendations



A place to promote our fresh news, experiences, content initiatives to help users navigate a 120 million songs catalogue.

Stay in the trends, with our new explore tab

  • Go beyond music listening and discover all our experiences
  • Get into new musical horizons, discover what’s trendy and our content
  • Go deeper in your musical horizon knowledge
  • We’re making a change by moving the podcast tab and radio icon from the top of the Music tab. Instead, you’ll find them in the “Experiences” section, which is now part of the Explore tab.


Why this is happening :

It allows you to try something new, without entirely leaving your comfort zone and how you saw the homepage before this change, and it helps to organise the front page a bit better, with a clearer view, so each topic belongs to a dedicated space.


What will be displayed on the ‘Home’ tab?


  • Continue streaming Recently played items
  • Mixes inspired by 12 track mixes from your hot tracks
  • DiscoverFlow, daily, Discovery, New releases, monthly top
  • Dig deeperEditorial playlists based on your tastes 
  • Your top genresGenres channels based on your tastes
  • New releases for youNew releases from artists you love
  • Since you like..Similar artists of artists you love
  • 100% for you100% playlist of artists you love
  • Playlists you love


What will be displayed on the new ‘Explore’ tab?


  • Experience rail discover all our experiences to go further in your music listening, such as concerts, music quizzes, podcasts, radios)
  • Hits of the momentEditorial playlists of the top hits 
  • Trending albumsMost streamed albums in the user market
  • Editorial pickEditorial pick matching the period of the year
  • Highlights Dedicated place for freshest news (latest music quizzes, originals etc)
  • Categories Pushing channels, ordered by popularity




Can I still access podcasts?

Yes! Podcast tab is now available on top of the Explore tab

You can still access your favourite podcasts inside your Favourite tab


Can I still access radios?

Yes! All the radios are now accessible on top of the Explore tab 


What is the difference between Home & Explore?

Home is your personal space, where we only give you access to content made for you, including Flow, daily playlists, editorial playlist etc. It’s your perfect place to listen to what you love and discover new tracks, based on your taste.

Explore tab is a place for you to check out the fresh news, test all our experiences, from playing music quizzes, to access concerts near you, but also to discover all the content created by our music expert, discover the latest news & music.


I can’t find music quizzes any more, where are they?

You can find all our editorial music quizzes on top of the Explore tab.

Don’t forget that you can also launch a quiz from any playlist on Deezer from the “…” menu on playlist page


Why can’t I find my podcast space?

Podcasts are still available within the Deezer app on top of your Explore tab and your favourite podcasts are still available in your favourites tab 


Where can I find my podcast space? 

You can still access your favourite podcasts inside your favourites tabs, 


How do I upload my podcasts now?

The process to upload podcasts has not changed, you can find all information to get your podcasts on Deezer on this link.