Deezer adjusts prices to better recognise the value of music streaming

To acknowledge the value of music streaming as well as to ensure the continuous improvement of product and fan experiences, Deezer is updating prices for some music streaming subscriptions in selected markets

Since the creation of Deezer more than a decade and a half ago, we have been fully committed to recognizing the true value of music created by artists. As a result, and to support continuous investment in innovation to deliver valuable support for artists and enhance fan experiences, Deezer has decided to adjust its prices. 

From September 21st, 2023, prices are adjusted for all new premium and/or family subscriptions in France, UK, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. For our current premium and family subscribers in these countries the changes in pricing will become effective at the earliest on the first billing period after October 24th, 2023. 

For more detailed info on our prices and offers, please follow this link or head over to our support pages