Party Music Guide: Ultimate Tips for the Perfect Playlist

Planning a house party? This is the read for you. When you’ve got your guest list, food and theme planned, the next step is the music. We’ll help you make the ultimate playlist with the best party anthems to set the mood.

Top party songs on Deezer

You can’t have a lit party with a mid ambiance, so make sure everything is up to standard. From sound quality to food and drinks to decor. But, most of all, you need to have fantastic music. We recommend you get at least three hours’ worth of party music queued and ready — that’s about 75 songs. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with curated playlists to suit all moods, as well as tips for making your own. Let’s get the party started.

Set the Vibe

Whether you’re throwing a fun birthday bash, a chill housewarming or an all-night party to remember, you’re going to need to set the mood. Music is the soundtrack to the evening, so it’s key to get your guests into the vibe. Everything else can take care of itself after that.

Every party has build-up. As those early attendees trickle in, it’s not yet time for the biggest anthems of the night. We recommend starting with something easy-listening so guests can chat or enjoy a drink, before you slowly turn up the heat.

Now, we wouldn’t be of much help if we didn’t provide you with great playlists, would we? You can make your own party playlist, of course, but you can’t miss the mark if you use Happy Hour or Feel Good Pop. These are some of our favorite “getting in the mood” playlists, and they get the job done.

Try a Themed Playlist

If you’re throwing a themed party, consider taking the fun beyond costumes and decor. Snacks, drinks and, of course, music that’s on theme can make the event even more memorable. Deezer has decade playlists, so whether it’s the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s, we’ve got you covered with go-to tracks for a really immersive feel.

Something for Every Taste

Whether you’re pursuing a specific vibe or just aiming to keep the mood right, it’s always a good idea to keep the playlist well-rounded with a variety of genres. If you’ve got people of different ages, play hits from different decades so that everyone can enjoy a couple of nostalgic songs without feeling left out. Sing-along pop songs and summer anthems are a go-to, of course, but we recommend throwing in a few tunes people might not have heard before. Try exploring K-pop bands or off-beat tracks from your favorite artists to keep things fresh — and there’s always space for a few guilty pleasures to keep guests entertained too.

The Stars of the Show

You know that sweet spot when time seems to slow down and you feel like you’re in a movie? That’s when we’d recommend bringing in some of the best dance music to see out the night. Whether your preference is retro hits of yesteryear on the Flashback Party playlist, blazing heat from the best reggaeton tracks or infectious beats from house party hits, it’s essential to deliver some big tunes later in the night.

What to Do Next?

Our best tip? Plan for the next day too (or maybe those small hours of the morning went the last few guests are crashing on the couch, not heading home). Whether it’s a wind-down or a clean-up, we’d recommend a no-stress playlist to see you through – try our lofi coffee playlist for late night chats or the No Stress playlist for some soul while you tidy away the glasses and have that much-needed cup of morning coffee.

Be the Ultimate Party DJ

Here’s how you guarantee your playlist has the top party songs:

Open with a balanced mix so people can arrive, get to know one another and settle in. We love the Elegance playlist for setting the vibe and progressing from an upbeat feel to party mode. If you’re making your own list, we recommend starting with familiar yet relaxed tracks to get the evening going before stepping things up a notch.

When the crowd is ready to take it to the next level, it’s time to turn up the heat and put on some bangers. Our Party Hits playlist has pop anthems, reggeaton beats, heavy house and some classics, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re creating your own, we think it’s best to have a bit of variety here so every guest will hear something that makes them want to move.

When the vibes are high and you’ve had to ask that one guy (there’s always one) to stop turning it up to max volume, you can change it up with some newness. Try our K-pop House Party or Dance Party Classics playlists to keep things fresh or, if there are tastemakers in the room, ask your friends to send over their top choices in advance and make a custom playlist from their favourites to keep the mood going.

Plan for the downtime. Whether it’s chilled chats into the early morning with your very best friends or morning cleanup with a cup of coffee, it’s nice to finish things out with some relaxing tunes to celebrate your successful evening. Lowkey is great for good vibes in the background, while The Breakfast Club has some upbeat tunes to get you going the morning after.

You threw the party. Ready for the next challenge? Make your next bash a Karaoke party (we have playlists for that, too!).

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