10 Best Ed Sheeran Songs

In the span of just more than a decade, Ed Sheeran has risen to become one of the most prominent figures in the global pop music scene. His remarkable achievements include the sale of over 150 million records worldwide, solidifying his position as one of the best-selling music artists worldwide.

Ed Sheeran: Chart-Topper and Collaborator

Furthermore, Sheeran has cemented his reputation as a formidable English pop singer, with nearly all of his singles achieving platinum status. Sheeran’s dedication to collaborations includes appearances from renowned artists such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Eminem, Stormzy, and Wiley, among others. Ed Sheeran consistently demonstrates his ability to create chart-topping hits — the following are some of the best Ed Sheeran songs from his vast catalog.

Ed Sheeran “The A Team” (2011)

The first hit is always the sweetest, and with “The A Team,” Sheeran demonstrates that his skills as a lyricist are undeniable. Examples of fantastic construction are in abundance, but here’s a personal favorite: “And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland / Or sells love to another man.” A+ for effort!

Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé – “Perfect Duet” (2017)

This stripped-down duet featured Ed on the acoustic guitar harmonizing with the current Queen of Pop in what can only be called a magnificent pairing. It’s no surprise that this tune shot up the Billboard Hot 100. On the power of Sheeran and Beyoncé’s strong vocals, the romantic ballad made quite an impact on radio worldwide and instantly became a contender for wedding ceremonies everywhere.

Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli – “Perfect Symphony” (2017)

Featuring one of the most acclaimed voices in modern music history, Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran teaming up for this ethereal duet astounded both sets of fans as it highlighted their voices throughout the song and the emotional depth infused into each note. Sung in both English and Italian, listeners received the gift of a perfect blend of pop and classical elements in one great song.

Ed Sheeran – “Nina” (2014)

In “Nina,” Sheeran sings directly to his ex-girlfriend, fondly recalling the time they spent together but explaining why their break-up was inevitable. It’s an honest and detailed look at a failed relationship that manages to present both parties as three-dimensional human beings in under four minutes.

Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You” (2017)

He may be known for great collaborations with other artists, but Sheeran is more than capable of going the distance all on his own. “Shape of You” is arguably the perfect pop song and contains all the necessary ingredients to keep audiences wanting more. Featuring just the right mix of R&B, dancehall, and classic pop, the tune was a hit worldwide and introduced Sheeran to an even wider audience than he already had.

Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud” (2014)

The song that led to an entire subset of Ed Sheeran wedding songs, “Thinking Out Loud” quickly became a top choice for couples selecting their first dance tune mere days after its debut. It stands out as one of his most beloved songs, capturing the essence of enduring love that transcends the passage of time, fading beauty, and fleeting attractions. In terms of lyrics, the song maintains a straightforward yet remarkably impactful quality, while Ed Sheeran’s vocal delivery exudes immense charisma and resonance.

Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott “Antisocial” (2019)

Travis Scott is one hip hop artist who understands the power of great collaboration, and by pairing up with Sheeran for “Antisocial,” he proved that his musical genius knows no bounds. With its thought-provoking lyrics and themes on the trappings of fame versus privacy, the song resonated with fans of both performers internationally and served as a musical metaphor for modern times.

Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, and Cardi B – “South of the Border” (2019)

For this powerful pop song, Sheeran recruited not one Latina artist but two: Cabello and Cardi B. The fiery collaboration hit all of the musical notes a fan could long for, proving Sheeran could bob and weave vocally with the best of them all while staying comfortable within his sweet spot of sound. “South of the Border” is the Spanish-English song that left fans of all three gobsmacked and hungry for any collaborations in the future.

Ed Sheeran and Stormzy – “Take Me Back to London” (2019)

If any song caught lightning in a bottle, it was “Take Me Back to London.” The pairing of Stormzy and Sheeran catapulted this song up the singles charts in the UK to number one. With undeniable energy and a vibrance that cannot be denied, Sheeran and Stormzy gave fans a musical deliverance and laid the groundwork for collaborating in the future on bangers utilizing their musical talents.

Ed Sheeran – “Afire Love” (2014)

The emotive strings and captivating piano riff make “Afire Love” an exploration of loss from a distinctive musical perspective, and it does so with remarkable success. While the singer-songwriter has gone on to craft exceptional ballads about grief, this particular song from his album x seamlessly fuses pop, rock, folk, gospel, and orchestration elements to craft a truly unique sonic experience.

The Impact of Ed Sheeran’s Songs

Ed Sheeran’s indelible mark on the music industry over the past years is not only undeniable but also a testament to his work ethic and ability to shapeshift as a singer-songwriter and producer. Although it is daunting to select the best Ed Sheeran songs with a catalog so vast, the aforementioned songs prove his mettle as a masterful storyteller able to work across any genre. These traits have solidified his status as a musical powerhouse and an artist worthy of the accolades he has received.