Behind the scenes : Deezer redefined, music reimagined.

The way we listen to music is changing: technology gives us instant access to all the tracks in the world, whenever and wherever we want. At Deezer, we’ve been pioneering this tech revolution since 2007. 

We believe there’s much more to experiencing music than streaming. Music is a human experience that needs to be felt, shared and lived. It helps us express ourselves and connect with who we really are. At 16, we’ve only just come of age, and with that we’ve decided to reinvent ourselves. We finally give ourselves permission to embody our story, our voice and our personality.

How did the new Deezer identity come about?

In the Spring of 2023, Deezer’s creative teams got together to think about a new identity in line with our values. The idea was to illustrate all the efforts made by all the teams to create the best music streaming platform that connects fans and artists through authentic experiences: customized playlists created by our editorial experts, new innovative app features, exclusive events for fans… 

Get ready to go behind the scenes of Deezer’s rebranding!

Finding our new voice 

With a new identity comes a new personality, and at Deezer, we’ve never done things halfway. Our new tagline sums up our newfound energy: Live the Music.

Deezer is Bold

Embedded in our genesis, it’s been a part of our DNA since day 1 – it’s what we started with! And that’s how we’re going to keep going… We’ve got guts and that’s what drives us: we follow our instincts. And we go for it: challenges don’t scare us. We express ourselves with a naturally confident voice.

Deezer is fresh

Our passion? Music, of course, but also technology and culture.

In short, we’re always on the cutting edge. Our curiosity means we’re always looking to go further, to ask ourselves the right questions. We’re avant-garde because we create things that have never been created before. And it won’t stop… Only the real ones know. Our messages are passionate and well-chosen.

Deezer is quirky

Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself? Original and authentic, we celebrate ourselves, in all our uniqueness, our faults and qualities. We all have this EXTRA side: sometimes we fall down, but we always get back up again! Our words are optimistic and uninhibited.

Deezer changes cover: our new visual identity

With the help of Koto Studio, we designed a new logo, graphic system and font. Our new logo corresponds to a beating heart, inspired by three elements at the heart of our brand:

The heart

The symbol of a sense of belonging. The heart symbolizes what we do best: creating bonds through the love of music.

The music

The central element of our lives. Music allows us to express and celebrate our unique tastes, moods and identities.


What makes us move. Rhythm represents our energy: whether it’s the beat of a song or a heartbeat, this is where the music comes to life.

Deezer - heart, music, beats
Deezer – Heart, Music, Beats
Deezer - new logo
Deezer – new logo

The typeface was custom-designed and developed using the rounded oblong shapes of our logo in reference to heartbeats. Our Deezer Purple captures the energy and vitality of our brand. It’s a fresh, quirky purple, a nod to our personality.

Our illustration style captures the infectious energy of the Deezer brand through exaggerated shapes. It’s bold and colorful. It captures everyday musical scenarios with energy and optimism.

Deezer - new visual identity
Deezer – new visual identity

Our graphic system is built around the heartbeat and our logo. It was designed to be dynamic and adaptable to all our needs and different content. Our visual identity can therefore be easily adapted, while retaining its coherence thanks to the symbolism of the heart, reinforcing the emotional connection. 

Our motifs are created from our rhythm. Often animated, they react to different sounds and emotions. Our square is inspired by record sleeves. It features subtle curves drawn from our beats. We can use it both on our app and for our content on social networks. 

With this new identity, Deezer invites you to live music, to the fullest.

Deezer, Live the Music.