Deezer introduces Shaker to connect friends on different music apps

Shaker lets you share and enjoy music with anyone on any occasion, even if you don’t use the same streaming platform  – picnics, parties, road trips and group workouts will now have the perfect soundtrack.

Paris, November 13, 2023: Deezer is changing the way we enjoy music together, breaking down barriers between music streaming platforms to create more shared experiences. Thanks to the innovative feature Shaker, you can now access the perfect music mix for any moment with friends, family, co-workers or anyone you want to spend time with. With just a few simple clicks, a mix that blends everyone’s favorite songs is generated. Shaker also lets you discover how compatible you and your friends are through fun shareable insights based on how musically similar your tastes are.

Seamless mixing and connecting with your friends

With Shaker’s intuitive interface (, you can add up to 14 friends to a group effortlessly using a link. Not on Deezer? Not a problem! Your music library can be imported from every major music streaming platform with just a few simple clicks, with no need to download the Deezer app.  

The Shaker algorithm helps you get started by generating a mix including a selection of  70 songs tailored to your group’s preferences. If you’re not happy with the selection, you can easily refresh the mix with one click to fit your vibe – no matter if it’s for a party, a road trip or a picnic. If you enjoy curating playlists from scratch, Shaker also lets you pick and choose yourself. 

Ultimately,, the Shaker experience is not just about playlists. You will also discover shareable insights, including your friends’ musical profiles, guilty pleasures and how compatible (or not!) you are with the rest of the group. You can even dive deeper into your compatibility with the individual group members and discover recommended artists and songs both of you might like. 

Shaker is designed to create a  feeling of connection, encourage  people  to experience music more freely, erase the boundaries between friends, and create a space where you  can discover new songs to fall in love with,“ said Alexandra Leloup, VP Product at Deezer, “To achieve this, it was key to not only include tailored playlists based on the musical tastes of users and their friends, but to make sure everyone can join in no matter which streaming platform they use.”

Get ready to shake up your music experience with Shaker: say goodbye to hours spent creating playlists and hello to quality time spent with your friends. Whether you’re playing sports, throwing a party, or going on a road trip, Shaker has got you covered! Enjoy the perfect fusion of different music tastes that connects you and your friends like never before. 

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