Deezer Duo: Together is better!

 Who comes to mind when you think of iconic duos? Batman and Robin? Dua Lipa and Elton? Rihanna and Eminem? 



What about yourself and someone you care about? Your ride or die who is always by your side and likes the same music as you? If so, we have our own iconic duo to share with you: Deezer Duo!


What is Deezer Duo?

All the same benefits as Deezer Premium, but with two accounts instead of one and at a discounted price!
Find out more here.

Deezer Duo Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our new offer, we’re giving away a duo of Duo 😏 accounts with 6 months subscription on each.

All you have to do is reply below:

  1. Tell us your favourite iconic duo 👥
  2. @Mention your “ride or die” that you plan to share your Duo account with (both of you will need to sign up to the Deezer Community to participate)

End of the competition on February 18, announcement on the 19th