Availability of the 2023 Universal Registration Document including the Annual Financial Report 

 Paris, April 30, 2024 – Deezer (Euronext Paris: DEEZR – the “Company”) has submitted to the French Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) its 2023 Universal Registration Document (Document d’enregistrement universel) in English language approved by the AMF on April 30, 2024, under the number R.24 – 007. 

Copies of this 2023 Universal Registration Document are made available free of charge in accordance with applicable regulations, and can be downloaded from the Investor Relations website of the Company (https://www.deezer-investors.com). 

The Universal Registration Document is also available on the AMF’s website (www.amf-france.org). 

The following documents are included in the 2023 Universal Registration Document: 

● the 2023 annual financial report, including the financial statements of the parent company, the consolidated financial statements, and the management report (rapport de gestion); 

● the Statutory Auditors’ reports; 

● the Board of Directors’ report on corporate governance (rapport sur le gouvernement d’entreprise); 

● the non-financial performance statement (déclaration de performance extra-financière); and 

● a description of the share buyback program proposed to the shareholders’ general meeting. 



Deezer is one of the world’s largest independent music experiences platforms, connecting fans with artists and creating ways for people to Live the music. The company provides access to a full-range catalog of high quality music, lossless HiFi audio and industry-defining features on a scalable platform available in 180+ countries. Founded in 2007 in Paris, Deezer is now a global company with over 600 people based in France, Germany, UK, Brazil and the US, all brought together by their passion for music, technology and innovation. By building strategic partnerships in key markets across Europe and the Americas, Deezer keeps delivering brand value and end-user engagement across a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, media, audio hardware and e-retail. As an industry thought leader, Deezer was the first platform to introduce a new monetization model since the inception of music streaming, designed to better reward the artists, and the music that fans value the most. Deezer is listed on Euronext Paris (Ticker: DEEZR. ISIN: FR001400AYG6) and is also part of the Euronext Tech Leaders segment, dedicated to European high-growth tech companies, and its associated index. 

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