Deezer launches “Purple Club” in France and invites fans to live the music through unforgettable moments

Paris, May 15th 2024 – Deezer, the global music experiences platform, is launching its new fan initiative, Purple Club. The new dedicated tab within the Deezer app serves as the ultimate destination for paying subscribers in France to discover and access Deezer’s exclusive and intimate fan experiences. 

Unforgettable fan experiences

Through Purple Club, Deezer is inviting fans to truly live the music to the fullest. All year round, they will have the opportunity to experience their favorite artists through a curated selection of unforgettable moments made available in the new in-app tab. By signing up for contests within the Purple Club tab, Deezer subscribers will have the chance to win access to a wide range of exclusive Deezer experiences, including Intimate live sessions and release events with international and French artists.

Through contests available under the Purple Club tab, paying subscribers on Deezer will have the opportunity to join the following events:

  • Purple Door: extraordinary live performances, built around the creative universe of the artists to create deeper connections with fans
  • Exclusive listening sessions: private listening sessions together with artists, prior to the release of an album.
  • Release parties: exclusive events organized to celebrate the release of an album, with the artist in attendance
  • Front Row XP: The ultimate VIP fan experience with fans attending soundcheck before a show, front seats and exclusive meet-up with the artist.
  • Concert tickets: Exclusive access to highly sought-after or sold-out shows.

With Purple Club, Deezer is committed to creating opportunities for fans to live the music to the fullest, maintaining its position as a unique experiential platform in the music industry, delivering value to fans and artists.

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Karina Klusen 

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