Supporting Artist Rights: Decluttering our Catalog

In an effort to combat music fraud, champion creator rights, and enhance user experience, Deezer has launched a comprehensive endeavor to declutter our catalog. This initiative is a key component of our broader strategy following the commencement of our Artist Centric Payment System (ACPS). The primary focus is on retaining tracks that hold value for our users. This project is a testament to Deezer’s commitment to providing a full-range catalog of quality music, ensuring that both artists and users benefit from a more streamlined and fair platform.

What Kinds of Content Will Be Removed?

This initiative emphasizes cleaning up our catalog by removing various types of content that do not meet quality standards or contribute positively to the user experience. Among the types of content to be removed are those from fake artists, white noise recordings, mono-track albums, and other non-essential content such as duplicates, short tracks, and unofficial altered versions (sped up or slowed down). By eliminating these types of content, Deezer aims to ensure that revenue goes into the right hands, prioritizing quality over quantity. This endeavor not only supports fair compensation for genuine artists in tandem with our Artist Centric Payment System, but also fights music fraud on our platform.

Fake artist content typically consists of tracks produced with the intention of gaming the payment system or misleading listeners. Removing these helps maintain the integrity of our platform and ensures that users are exposed to authentic music created by legitimate artists. The removal of fraudulent and noise tracks ensures that we remain dedicated to connecting listeners with  high-quality music content. Additionally, eliminating duplicates and unofficial versions of songs prevents user confusion and maintains the catalog’s consistency. By focusing on these areas, we are strengthening our platform against misuse and ensuring that genuine artists receive their deserved recognition and compensation.

How Will This Enhance User Experience?

Deezer’s ambition in cleaning up our catalog is also to offer a higher quality overall user experience. Decluttering the platform allows Deezer users to find the music they love more easily while enhancing the overall value of the catalog. With a more curated collection, users spend less time sifting through irrelevant or low-quality tracks and more time enjoying music that resonates with them. This effort also has environmental benefits, such as reducing unnecessary data storage and lowering our carbon footprint. By minimizing the volume of non-essential content, Deezer contributes to more sustainable data management practices.

Furthermore, this initiative enhances our meticulously crafted algorithm to operate on more qualitative content, ensuring that users receive personalized recommendations that truly reflect their music tastes. This improvement in recommendation accuracy makes for a more enjoyable listening experience and helps users discover new artists and tracks that align with their preferences. All Deezer users can rest assured that their favorite artists will remain accessible, and upcoming policies will educate content providers on the new rules, further protecting the integrity of artists. By maintaining a catalog of genuine and high-quality tracks, Deezer reaffirms its commitment to both artists and users, ensuring an environment where music can thrive.

Deezer’s Commitment to a Fairer Music Industry

Through these efforts, Deezer is reinforcing our commitment to a more equitable music industry where artists are more fairly compensated and their rights better protected. By focusing on tracks that add value and ensuring that market share increases for all artists who create this music, Deezer continues to innovate in ways that benefit both creators and listeners alike. This ongoing venture not only enhances user satisfaction but also solidifies Deezer’s role as a champion of artist rights and a leader in the fight against music fraud.

Moreover, the Artist Centric Payment System (ACPS) aligns revenue distribution with genuine user engagement, ensuring that artists are rewarded for their contributions based on actual listening patterns. By advocating for a more balanced distribution model, we’re paving the way for a healthier and more diverse musical ecosystem.

In conclusion, Deezer’s initiative to declutter our catalog is a multifaceted strategy aimed at supporting artist rights, improving user experience, and promoting a fairer music industry. By removing fraudulent content, we are working to ensure that our platform remains a haven for artists and fans alike, fostering a vibrant and equitable music community.

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