Deezer moves to a new beat and launches two Native Ad Formats

Deezer, the leading global on-demand audio service is elevating the user experience even further with the launch of two new ad formats: Native Ad and Music Native Ad.

The two native solutions are now seamlessly integrated and located on Deezer’s homepage and are designed to enhance the user’s journey and improve visibility for brands and partners. Each ad will provide opportunities for brands to offer the best native experience.

  • Native Ad features a brand new design, with a comfortable feel and ergonomics that users are familiar with and can be seen alongside Deezer’s editorial content
  • Music Native Ad is a new advanced and innovative way for brands to connect with users directly as music lovers can listen to promoted tracks and playlists, add favourites and share with friends.

Both ad formats highlight Deezer’s commitment to brands and partners to create meaningful ads that cater to different groups. Native Ads is geared for entertainment and media industries such as film, video games, music and festivals; while Music Native Ad caters towards brands that want to delight users, who are open to discovering and experiencing new music.

“We are excited to launch our new native formats, as both formats will give us an opportunity to create meaningful content for brands and engaging content for our users. Brands can now easily integrate their message seamlessly with our product and build a direct relationship with our users, in the same way our users have a direct relationship with us,” said Tristan Rachline, VP Ad sales

“Deezer’s technology and platform have always been driven by innovation, design and functionality. In a joint effort with the product and advertising teams, this is the first time Deezer has applied its product features in an advertising module to create a natural experience that is respectful of our users and engaging for our brands and partners,” said Aurélien Hérault, VP Product.