Deezer Presents a series of infographics “Your Passions. Your Rythm.”

Deezer presents « Your passions. Your rhythm. », a series of studies developed by observing key areas of interest among consumers. We observe everything from their main daily activities to the background music they queue up to accompany them during their usual routines. Then, we even go a step farther and dip into their day-to-day passions such as sports, cooking and video games.

Appropriately, the theme of the first infographic in our series is « music ». Looking at how music is anchored in our daily lives, the series highlights how music has become essential to internet users.

Through this series, Deezer aims to provide statistical data that is particularly useful for players in the advertising market who are trying to understand current consumer patterns. Understanding an individual’s passions is a key area of interest in communications for advertisers. Deezer’s integrated Adsales House wants to help. Thanks to our creative teams that are area experts, we help construct territory based initiatives to ensure that brands are speaking to their designated audiences in an original and impactful way.