Interview with Marianne le Vavasseur, VP Ad Sales Deezer Brand Solutions

Interview with Marianne le Vavasseur, VP of Ad Sales Deezer Brand Solutions

Audio streaming platforms are growing in popularity and brands want to invest in and be present on this new medium. To find out more, médiaCom’ caught up with the Deezer’s VP of Ad Sales, Marianne Le Vavasseur.

MEDIACOM’ : Why would brands choose to advertise on Deezer?


Brands often use a streaming service in addition to a radio campaign. This way advertisers can reach a younger audience. They are also guaranteed well-defined and accurate targeting. We do not calculate sales according to gross rating point (GRP) as radio stations do, but on cost per thousand impressions (CPM), which remains the same no matter what time the spot is aired. Audio spots can also be accompanied by display formats with a call to action which prompts the user to click to visit the advertiser’s website.

MEDIACOM’ : How do advertisers evaluate the impact of their campaigns on Deezer?


Deezer Brand Solutions, Deezer’s ad sales department, sends a performance assessment containing key indicators for each campaign to each client in its vast portfolio, which includes the food, banking, high-tech, luxury, travel and car sectors. With tracking, advertisers can monitor whether the impressions they purchased have actually delivered results.

MEDIACOM’ : How do you measure Deezer’s listenership?


Médiamétrie publishes the audiences of hundreds of websites and apps via its Internet Global tool. This tool measures the number of one-time visitors, coverage and profiles of market players but does not measure audio streaming platform listenership. We are developing solutions with market players such as Médiamétrie and ACPM.

MEDIACOM’ : What advantages does having a presence on Deezer offer brands?


Deezer offers a sharper focus, a music listening context which guarantees brand safety in a premium environment and high-quality advertising formats. The music industry is a magnet for brands that also want to explore this world of special campaigns (playlist generator, music quizzes, interactive formats) and original content (e.g. brand podcasts).

MEDIACOM’ : How does Deezer stand out from rival streaming services like Spotify and now YouTube Music?


YouTube is definitely a competitor in the free streaming market. Many YouTube users do not necessarily watch the videos of the music they are listening to but merely listen to a playlist which is more like the free service that is offered by Deezer or Spotify. In any case, in terms of advertising, we are offering a very different product, format and listening environment. Spotify and Deezer are developing in a similar advertising ecosystem. Deezer sets itself apart with its inside knowledge of the French market and its willingness to offer a made-to-measure product irrespective of the brief and the brand.

MEDIACOM’ : Is an ad campaign to coincide with the end-of-year festivities in the pipeline?


We have launched strong campaigns over the past three years. Last year, we rolled out a huge TV and billboard campaign. This year, we have concentrated our efforts on raising awareness to boost Deezer’s profile. We are planning another campaign for the end of the year, which is a key period for the music industry ecosystem.


Published in edition No. 586 of MediaCom’ weekly magazine on 21/11/2018