Deezer Brand Solutions remains at home, mobilized … with music !

At Deezer Brand Solutions, Deezer’s integrated Adsales House, we continue to support our customers during these unique times. Our team is working from home and mobilized to ensure the continuity of campaigns, to find creative solutions and best meet the needs of our customers.

This crisis is also a time when sharing is particularly important to stay connected with colleagues, partners and friends. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you our teams favorite playlists, their top tracks and their go-to meditation tips!

  • Anne-Laure – Creative Designer The album A Year of Hibernation has a very appropriate name for the situation. It is the perfect soundtrack to keep the creativity going.
  • Aurélien – Programmatic Manager  Bon Iver is the perfect guy to bear the lockdown with. His songs are so peaceful to work to and so good to chill to.
  • Elizabeth – Ad Sales Americas Good Vibes. I find this playlist great for focus and concentration while I work and have it on as background music to help me keep a positive attitude. It also helps me relax and reconnect with myself at the end of the day. My favorite song is “Changes” from Faul & Wad, Pnau. I like the rhythm and happy vibes. My son has a good ear for music and I can tell he enjoys it as well.
  • Elodie – Senior Adsales Marketing ManagerMy 2-year-old daughter is stuck to me all day during meetings and all my daily work. This album is a French unconditional kids’ album that gives me one hour of tranquillity. Our favourite one: the Hedgehogs song with very famous French artists.
  • Fadila – Communication executive Leave your antibacterial for a moment to move your body like Lizzo and get some positive vibes! Plus, you burn calories with a smile !
  • Gero – Head of Sales & Brand Solutions GSA This is my playlist that goes together with my daily walks to clear my head and the photos I take along the way to appreciate the world that is still out there.
  • Marianne – VP Adsales Lockdown Ballad My favorites tracks at the moment rather old tracks and quite melancholic
  • Marion, Trade Marketing & Research Executive, begins her daily routine with the Yoga & Meditation playlist, as a Parisian living her best contained bohemian life. All the chakras are now open, the day can now start, and what better way to enjoy your day than by listening to the Discoveries playlist? Enjoy everyone, and stay safe!
  • Mazen – Head of Ad Sales MENAT Workout with Steve Aoki is my favorite playlist during the Covid-19 lockdown. Since gyms are closed, my motivation to actually work out has dropped significantly and this playlist helped me get my fitness back on track. It motivated me to work out again, daily, at home. The playlist is basically an EDM bootcamp workout where Steve Aoki pops-in in between tracks to motivate & push listeners to complete their full workout! It’s an experience everyone should try!
  • Nicolas – Head of Adsales France House Party with Bob Sinclar because I’m a lover of Funk, Disco & House and his mixes are crazy and full of sun. That’s good currently.
  • Paul – Programmatic Lead EAA Porridge Radio is a sublime Brighton based alt-rock band that I was lucky to see live at Rough Trade East in London two days prior to lockdown. I have listened to this smashing second album of theirs at least once a day since then and find the opening line from the record especially fitting as I watch my kids begin to climb the walls (“I’m bored to death, let’s argue…”) Every Bad is angsty but uplifting like all the best music in my opinion and keeps me dishing out deal ids from home with a spring in my step.
  • Raphaël, Head of Operations, listens to Son Lux’s stratospheric album. Perfect for taking a breath of fresh air… and concentrating in “work from home” mode.
  • Victor – Brand-Content Adsales Executive For some reason lockdown puts me in a Reggae mood, and this track provides all the sunshine that I’m currently missing.