New Synchronised Lyrics on Xbox

You have been waiting for it and a new enhanced version of Deezer for Xbox is now live! 


Get ready to sing your heart out with the help of our Synchronised Lyrics directly from your console. :notes::musical_note:


Listen to your personalised soundtrack while playing and if you want to celebrate a victory or let off some steam, hit the pause button :pause_button: and just SING IT OUT LOUD! :loud_sound:


There is more…

To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary Deezer has launched two brand new playlists:


Xbox 20th, featuring the most loved soundtracks from the past 20 years, such as Mincraft, Call of Duty and Sea of Thieves. 


Halo Classicsa playlist especially dedicated to the beloved series. 


Xboxers, are you ready to sing?