What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me


Lovers of the world, 

can you feel it? 

Everything is turning red, velvety and sweet

‘cause it’s time to see the love doctor! 

Marvin Gaye plays in the background… 


But all the restaurants are booked, 

my boo and I don’t really “get it on” anymore, 

today I am not with the person I love,  

who said I should be going a date, anyways? 


Love is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated, but it is also very hard. Especially when you are expected to live it in a certain way.

Friend, we are thinking about you and sending you love, always. 

That’s why we imagined some really realistic St. Valentine’s day scenarios and we are going to share some tips with you on how to get through it with the help of deezer. 


I don’t have a date on St. Valetine’s day. 

Is anything wrong with me? 

Obviously, nothing is wrong with you. 

Dating is hard work, having a relationship even more, but you can always learn! 

Start from these podcasts…



I am feeling frisky and adventurous tonight, 

but I don’t know how to talk about it! 

Well happy days! 

First of all, it’s time to create a  “:eggplant: /:peach: “ playlist for the event: 

Check out our “Between the Sheets” channel for inspiration!


Hearing others talking about sex might unblock you: 


It’s not really working anymore, 

we are breaking up. 

It’s ok to be sad, we are sad with you. 

But the sun is shining behind the clouds, and our experts can help you through it: 




St. Valentine’s is what you make of it, and love is not just red roses and chocolates. 

Tell us about your St. Valentine’s scenario in the comments section, we want to hear it all!


We have also created a playlist that you can see on the main page, 

please add your love song to it, wether it is an actual love song or it just reminds you of a loving memory. 

Let’s spread the love in the shape of music!!