Mozart reimagined by a new generation of pianists.


 It’s World Piano Day and we are taking on a journey through time, celebrating one of the greatest of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



We present to you Mozart Recomposed, a Deezer Originals playlist that brings together original compositions by 12 renowned pianists, who were inspired by the great works of the Austrian composer and put their own twist on his classical masterpieces.


Chilly González, Sofiane Pamart, Olivia Belli, André Mehmari and Marina Baranova, among others, responded to Deezer’s invitation to bring this exclusive playlist to life.


Mozart Recomposed” includes 12 original Mozart compositions alongside the 12 new piano tracks, to help fans hear exactly how each artist gave it their own spin


Don’t wait any longer, sit back, relax, hit play and enjoy!!


Then tell us what you think and which was your favourite?