Women’s Voices


We have a problem.

There is a lack of female presence in the music industry, at all levels. 

From producers, to songwriters, singers, composers, djs… 


We are seeing some change but the fight to break the gender bias in the music industry and in all industries is not over and we still have a long way to go! 

The best way to support our sisters is to LISTEN TO THEIR VOICE



Not just today, but the for the whole month of march deezer will focus on women’s voices, 

“Deezer wants to champion female artists and talent, and give them the opportunity to shine on our platform,” says  Regina Martiarena, Artists Relations Manager at Deezer.



  • Visit our dedicated channel spotlighting Female talent Women’s voices.  In this channel you will find playlists and podcasts supporting female creators but also other interesting projects like: “Women Behind the Music” 
  • Deezer is putting women at the forefront with a single click. By just pressing the megaphone icon for ‘100% Women’ on the Flow Moods wheel, you  can access a non-stop stream of music by women.
  • Deezer selected a woman as its next ‘Deezer Fresh,’ a homegrown approach to supporting emerging talent. Discover the mexican artist Silvana Estrada


Our Community playlist is also focused on female artists, add it to you favorites and share a song you want everyone to hear. Once you have added a song like this article to receive a Women’s Voice badge!