Can’t focus? Let us help you!

Stop procrastinating, we see you!

It’s time to get the job done and we have something to help you out. 



If even DJ Khaled says it… 


At deezer we care about your wellbeing, which is why when the pandemic started we promptly launched channels full of music to help you deal with the new “pandemic life”, like HOMELIFE and  FEEL GOOD.


Spring has sprung, the weather is getting better and we know how hard it is to stay focused during this time of the year, but you can do it. 


Put your headphones on and your head in the game! 


In our FOCUS channel you will find plenty of playlists to shush those distracting voices in your head…




From classical music, Acoustic jazz, ambient electronic

To smooth lo-fi beats, whatever helps! 


Would you rather listen to an album than a playlist? 

We have got you covered, check out our selection of ALBUMS TO FOCUS!


Is the problem at the source? 


If even with the right music and in an organised and clean environment you can’t keep your focus maybe you can find the right tips for you on our PRODUCTIVITY PODCASTS channel! 


Or maybe it’s just time to take a break and let your mind breathe a little bit. 

In this case you can either Enjoy the Silence, or check out our PEACE OF MIND channel 😉 




We really hope you have a productive day, please share in the comment section your favourite song to help you focus. 

We will add it our Community Collaborative playlist “MUSIC TO HELP YOU FOCUS”