Deezer supports new talents with Firestone

Firestone chooses Deezer to create a “Road to the main stage” music talent showcase, allowing young artists to promote their talent to millions of music fans.

For more than 100 years, Firestone, an iconic brand in the automotive industry, has been encouraging new artists. As far back as 1928, Harvey Firestone launched The Voice of Firestone, a radio show that gave a voice to emerging artists.

Today, Firestone and its agency WAVE are working with Deezer to bring new talent to the fore in three countries: France, Germany and the UK.

After a first successful collaboration in 2021, Firestone and Deezer’s Brand Partnerships decided to think bigger with the creation of a springboard dedicated to new musical talent.

Hosted on a dedicated platform, the competition is punctuated by 3 highlights:

  1. Call for entries (March to April 2022): young artists are called upon to apply directly on the platform by submitting their best project (track or EP) as well as a description of their musical universe and a few photos. To participate, artists must not have signed a contract with a record company, nor have released a full album.
  2. Pre-selection and public vote (May to June 2022): several artists are pre-selected by Firestone and the Deezer teams to continue the competition. The shortlisted projects are then voted on by Deezer users to choose their favourite artist.
  3. Selection of the Grand Prize Winner (July 2022): the artist with the most public votes is then elected the Grand Prize Winner of the competition. He/she will have the chance to perform on the Firestone stage at All Points East. In addition, the winner will receive a recording session at the Deezer studio.

Deezer studio and their artist profile will be featured on the platform. 

Each phase of the competition is supported by a powerful audio, video and display media plan on Deezer.