Learn languages through music!


Singing along is not enough..

It’s time to understand what your favourite artists are singing about when you only hear “nananana”!   



Deezer just improved the lyrics experience, and now offers the translation of lyrics*, directly on the app!


Are you learning a new language?  Here is a fun way to learn new vocabulary… 

Read Adele’s lyrics in french, and cry in french. 

In love with a Spanish speaking person? Share with them one of Ed Sheeran’s love songs and they will finally be able to read between the lines… 

Are The Weekend’s Spanish lyrics as dark as the English ones? Yes, they are. 



Deezer tip: if your phone is in the language of the song, then you won’t be able to see the translation (if it exists), you’ll have to switch languages first 🙂 


Go enjoy the new Deezer feature!

See our translated playlist 


*on a selection of tracks, most of them from english to french, portuguese, german and spanish


Share in the comment section your favourite Lyrics!