Deezer and Média-Participations enter strategic partnership to develop new and creative content experiences for a worldwide audience

  • The partnership will enable Média-Participations to leverage Deezer’s leading technology know-how and creative expertise to expand their IP to new audio formats and reach bigger audiences
  • Deezer’s 9.6 million subscribers will gain access to exclusive editorial and creative content based on Média-Participations’ extensive catalogue of brands and creative universes. 

Paris, May 3, 2022. Deezer, the global music and audio streaming platform, and Média-Participations, a leading player in the publishing and syndication of titles, brands, characters and creative universes, are today announcing a new strategic partnership. Média-Participations will collaborate with Deezer to develop new audio content experiences based on its extensive catalogue, to reach bigger audiences and develop new business opportunities. 

 “We are excited to start collaborating with Média-Participations to make their catalogue of iconic brands and characters come to life in new ways,” said Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Deezer. “The breadth and depth of Média-Participations’ catalogue is outstanding. This is yet another example of our strong partnership DNA, working together with partners to unlock win-win opportunities for both parties.”

As part of the definitive agreement between I2PO and Deezer announced on April 18, Média-Participations has decided to invest in the PIPE[1] and will become one of Deezer’s long-term shareholders. Deezer’s technology digital expertise and global reach combined with the diversity of Média-Participations’ businesses, brands and catalogues offers numerous opportunities for synergies and content development between the two groups, with the first projects expected to be delivered already in Q3 2022. 

Through the partnership, Média-Participations gains access to 9.6 million Deezer subscribers worldwide, while leveraging the streaming leader’s extensive technology expertise and creativity. The partnership will enable the development of new ways of experiencing Média-Participations’ extensive catalogue, including popular characters and creative universes such as Spirou, Yakari and Lucky Luke, as well as well-known brands like the Michelin Green Guide.

“Thanks to Deezer’s technical expertise and global reach, this partnership will give us the opportunity to bring our brands to life in new and exciting ways, while reaching a wider audience,” said Claude de Saint-Vincent, CEO, Média-Participations. This collaboration is a milestone for developing and distributing the Média-Participations portfolio, and we are very pleased to partner with a global and French leader in tech.”

[1] A PIPE is a private placement whereby a company raises new money from investors by issuing new shares at a specific price.