June has started and with it we welcome PRIDE MONTH! 

A month dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ voices, celebrating and supporting Queer culture and rights! 



Queer culture has so much influence in music, that it would be almost impossible to imagine the music scene without it! 

If Deezer is the house if music, it goes without saying that on our porch the rainbow flag is raised high, which is why we have a whole channel dedicated to it and for the whole month a special section of our Flow wheel is dedicated to Pride 🌈

Creating a space to honor and celebrate queer artists is a sign of respect and admiration for what they have done. And also a great space to showcase what is being done nowadays and what is yet to be done by new and upcoming artists.



It is fun, it is loud, it is proud and it does come with history!

If you want to know more about why Pride month is celebrated in June and the history of the LGBTQ+ community, do not forget to visit our Podcast section of the channel called “QUEER EDUCATION” where we have selected some very informative episodes for you. 


Listen, have fun and enjoy, but don’t forget to get involved!

We want to take this opportunity in the community to do better, starting with small but important steps, we encourage you to add pronouns to your signature to receive a pride badge!

What else do you think we could do better?