Humming feature, sing that melody in your head!


Hum, sing or even whistle that melody stuck in your head…

Deezer will tell you the title of the song! 



A feature that has been in the making for quite some time, 

that has been tested by our community (Thank you all so much! 🙏🏽) 

We are finally proud to launch our humming recognition feature! 



  • You heard a good song in the club last night, but can only remember the beat? Songcatcher!   
  • On the way to school you overheard a song on the radio and want to know who the artist is? Songcatcher!  
  • That song you heard at the gym just can’t get out of your head? Songcatcher! 

Here is how to use it: 


Where will you find the feature? 

1 – Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom right🔍
2 – Click on Songcather “What is this song?”

3 – “Want to sing or hum instead?”

4 – Warm up your vocal chords and sing away! 🎤


You can also launch the feature from the app homepage! 


Let us know which song you discovered in the comment section! 👇🏽