🏆Deezer Awards🏆


Discover the music that defined 2022



My Deezer year is coming soon ⏰

We are sure you are already thinking on your results and can’t wait to share them with your friends

Meanwhile, do you want to know who was the most streamed artist, track or album of 2022? 

And have an insight on the artists to watch in 2023 👀.


Check the winners of the different categories of the Deezer Awards 2022 here:

Click on the image to visit their Deezer Page 😉



Most Streamed Album

Most Streamed Lyrics with Translation

Most Streamed Songcatch

 Most Streamed Track

Most Streamed Album

Most Streamed Artist 

Most Streamed Band

And here are the 5 artists to keep your eyes on in 2023








These are the Worlwide results… 

Are you surprised by any of these results? 

Who else ere you expecting to see on the podium?