Blue Monday



It’s Blue Monday!



Today is The Blue Monday of the year 2023, we can still feel the taste of the gone holidays and you are wondering WHYYYYYYY the next holidays are so far? 🥹🥲


The hangover from the end of year festivities, the end of the month pay that never comes, winter is long and bills are high… you just want to listen to Adele and lock yourself inside!

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY, it’s all part of the process let’s cry together!



Leave the toxic positivity aside and embrace your inner cry baby!



Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue is Deezer’s new channel dedicated to the expression of contemporary and generational sadness, 

find it here:


Let’s believe we’re in an episode of Euphoria and we’re going to cry glitter


***If the sad mode is taking too long to pass, seek help. Feeling down is normal, but not for long