Lo-fi your life

Enter the Deezer Lo-Fi universe


There are moments in life that call for some Lo-fi music, 

It’s a vibe, and if you know you know. 


At Deezer, we know, that’s why we created a whole channel dedicated to it. 

Immerse yourself in it: https://www.deezer.com/us/channels/lofi



Whether you want to let your mind wander or focus to get a task done, you can’t go wrong with a Lo-Fi playlist in the background. 


Are you up late because you have to finish that essay you have been procrastinating on? 

Put on our Study Session – lofi beats to focus/work to playlist on and get it done!


Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling waiting to fall asleep? 

Sleep lofi 💤 is just what you need


People watching in a nice café with a cozy cup of tea? Play some Jazz lofi 🎺 with it 


Having friends over and need a chilled background playlist that doesn’t take the attention away from the conversation? Lofi Latin or lofi r&b are there for you.




To help you get lost in our Lo-fi channel we have hidden the Deezer logo in this image, can you find it 😈 



Comment below if you find it and win our “Lo-Fi badge”, 

WITHOUT giving away the answer 🤐😉