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Jump on the Sidonia for an intergalactic flight to your favourite planet and relive with us all your most epic moments with our Animeverse. 


Anime Lovers we have collected the best music from anime series, movies, and video games, as well as anime-inspired music from across the world. From catchy theme songs and emotional ballads to intense battle tracks and relaxing soundscapes, our anime music library has something for every mood and genre.

Meet up with your neighbour Totoro in the dreamy world of Studio Ghibli

Or “Cha!”, believe it! with Naruto or find out what being human is all about with our Cowboy Bepop playlist! 

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Whether you like your anime them old school, evergreen or up and coming, from the 70’s to the 2020’s you can teleport yourself through time with our Anime playlists by decades here, 




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