Multiplayer Music Quizzes

From today you are be able to play music quizzes with their friends simultaneously!!

Whether you are in the same room or in different countries. 🎮


Challenge your friends and test your music knowledge🤓 we have dozens genres, decades and artists to choose from…

From Soundracks to Beyoncé and through K-pop! 

What are the rules? 

  • You have 30 seconds to guess each song,  but you’ll have to be quick to prove your musical wizardry… Who will be crowned the music expert of the group? 👑
  • Only paid users can start a multiplayer mode, but all free and paid users can join a room.
  • Available on mobile & web desktop!

How do you play? 


1- Choose any theme! 

A screen will open with two options

2- Solo player or Multiplayer

3- Choose multiplayer and invite a friend 


The game is simple:

You have 30 seconds to guess the name of a song that is playing. The faster you answer, the more points you get. If you answer in the first 3 seconds, you will get 100 points per song. After 3 seconds, the score will gradually decrease from 100 points!

 You will have 10 questions to answer per quiz, which are based on music genres or themes: popular hits, 80s and so on!


Are you ready to challenge your friends?  

What music category is your forte?