Deezer’s Purple Door: an experience where you can live the music

French rappers Gazo and Tiakola are kicking off the new, intimate music experience from Deezer.

Paris, December, 1st 2023: Deezer, the global music experiences platform, is set to launch an innovative series of events named Purple Door. This groundbreaking initiative aims to forge unforgettable connections between fans and artists within a uniquely curated space.

At the heart of Purple Door lies the concept of crafting a venue where artists can showcase their universe. This is more than just a concert; it’s a unique in-person event. Throughout the evening fans will enjoy intimate live performances while immersing themselves in carefully selected details that reflect the artist’s artistic vision, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for fans. 

Kicking off the Purple Door series is a dynamic duo of French rap sensations, Gazo and Tiakola. Together they will bring their distinctive laid-back vibe to the stage, promising a once-in-a-lifetime, up-close-and-personal live set that will etch the night into the memories of the fortunate fans in attendance.

But Purple Door offers more than just a live music experience. Attendees will uncover their musical compatibility with their favorite artists and test the depth of their knowledge within the Gazo and Tiakola musical universes. This unique interaction will be made possible thanks to special editions of two of Deezer’s coolest features, Music Quiz and Shaker. A few lucky (and skilled) fans will even have the chance to walk away with tickets to upcoming concerts.

The inaugural Purple Door event unfolds at a secret place in Paris with 300 lucky superfans invited to savour this extraordinary experience. Securing tickets to this exclusive event can be achieved only by entering a competition through CRM, Deezer’s Social Media Channels and media partnerships. The Deezer Purple Door fan experience is designed to cater to the taste of our users, giving them a chance to express their musical taste and connect with their favorite artists in a deep and meaningful way. 

Prepare to live the music at Deezer’s Purple Door!

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