With a little help from the Deezer playlist editing screen

We all know how hard it is to begin anything, whether it’s the first day of a diet, the first mile of a hike, even writing a blog entry like this one. We put so much pressure on ourselves to get the beginning right, thinking that starting off weak will make the rest of the journey pretty bad.

Most of the time, that mindset isn’t right and isn’t helpful, but sometimes, the beginning really does matter: it won’t matter how good a playlist is, if it starts with Baby Shark.

So, at least for playlist creation with Deezer, you’ll never find yourself staring at your screen searching for inspiration again (we can’t promise it won’t happen in other situations though). With our new playlist creation screen, we help you find the perfect tunes for your playlist. All you have to do is to create a playlist, name it, tap on the “Add tracks” button and here comes the cavalry. 

How to make the most of playlist creation on Deezer

Because most of the time we found inspiration from our past experiences, you can browse your favorites, top tracks & suggested tracks (based on your recent listenings and if you already have tracks added to your playlist). Tap the little music icon to select it and boom, you’re done. 

Inspiration can also come with a little help from your friends (and here is the track I should have started this article with), so you can choose to set up your playlist in “Collaborative mode” and share it with whomever you’d like (needing a reminder about collaborative playlist? Full article here). 

Again, as this article is all about beginnings, this is just a starting point. We’ll keep updating and improving your playlist experience in 2021.