Try our remote control and let us know how it works!

You’ve asked for this feature and since then, the wait has been a long journey. Our community pet peeve for a while, starts to get shape in our platform… :iphone:

Welcome to our remote control feature! :boom:

It’s a great privilege for me to announce our initial test launch, for iOS users who are on the beta version of the app :minidisc:

You can now use your iPhone (or iPad) to control our desktop app, the Deezer web app, another iPhone or iPad.


How to access the remote control feature? :telephone_receiver:

You’ll need to have the beta version of the Deezer app on iOS: 

  • Open app > Settings > Deezer Labs
  • Activate Remote Control 
  • Choose your track and click on the “Audio output” icon 
  • Select the device you want to control